Tuesday, April 3, 2007

A New Keyboard

My old mouse was on the blink (no left click) so, I decided to try out these newfangled wireless keyboard things.  I am not a very receptive to randomly adding wireless capability to random things.  I feel that it adds complexity, decreases the security of the system, and adds to the RF noise in an area.  For these effects to be mitigated you have to have a pretty damn awesome application, and I felt that keyboards would not gain that much utility from being wireless.  I must admit that I was wrong in this case.  I got a new wireless keyboard and mouse combo from the school bookstore, slapped it into the lappy, and fired it up.  Right out of the box the new mouse had a much better response compared to the old one.  I was using a Cherry brand Point-of-Sale keyboard because of the excellent tactile response and the built in magnetic card reader.  However, all that awesomeness comes at a heavy cost; the thing weighs a ton.  As I kept it under the the desk due to space constraints, having to one had this thing was a bit of a pain.  The wireless keyboard is much lighter, even with the batteries, and I don't have to worry about the cord breaking my USB ports.  The keys are also pretty nice, have a good rebound and aren't mushy.  It comes with the standard Logitech bevy of media hot keys and F key functionality, all of which worked after a little tweaking.  I am inordinately pleased with this setup.  For $50 it was a bit more than what it would cost online, but since I needed a mouse now, I think that it was a good deal.  Money well spent.

Robert Alverson


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