Monday, April 23, 2007

Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn Install

I have been using Ubuntu on my server for the past two years or so, and wanted to put it on my laptop as well. Historically, the issue with installing Ubuntu on the laptop is I have an ATI video card, causing the installer to break. This problem has been resolved in 7.04 as they are now including the proprietary ATI drivers with the base install. My failing CD drive crashed the installer several times, but eventually it got all installed. Another nice feature in the installer is the ease of dual-booting with windows. I just added two partitions for Linux, and that was it. I think that the Ubuntu team did a really nice job on the latest release, making it much easier to use and far more intuitive than previous releases.

I also took this opportunity to upgrade the server to 7.04. Somewhere in the process I managed to critical fault the computer, crashing it in the middle of the upgrade. Unsurprisingly the hard drive started giving i/o errors, and nothing was working. I stripped the computer down, then added bits back in starting with the RAM. It was stable by the time I got to the hard drive, which posted GRUB, but sadly the primary install was totally fubared. I got lucky and there was an old server install that still functioned somewhat, and after thrashing around in the command line for few minutes Devin and I got it to update to the full 7.04 install. Problem solved, and proof once again that Linux is more idiot-proof than people give it credit for.

In total 3 people in the apartment installed/upgraded 4 copies of Feisty Fawn, all of which worked out of the box. Last time we tried this we had a 100% failure rate plus we had to reformat afterwards, so its a significant improvement.


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