Thursday, April 19, 2007

VM Wear

She descends the staircase wearing a pink tee-shirt and jeans, a Gothic vision in a corset and black lace, cut into reality by a force of will and flicking lasers. A murmur ripples through the crowd, a frisson surfing from person to person on an electronic wave. She is one of the elite, a member of the technologically gifted who maintain and create the digital world.

With the advent of widespread visual augmentation, the line between the virtual and the real became very blurry indeed. Face recognition software became image manipulation software, and soon public perception replaced the realities of the physical realm, at least for those with computers in their eyes. Entire servers and hundreds of programmers were forever trying to optimize the popularity contest that now dictated millions of people's virtual appearance.

The Gothic avatar had been hers long before people other than net-junkies were wearing digital monocles. Someone on a forum long ago had said that that was what they thought she looked like; amused at how disjoint it was from reality, she decided to use it, and the look had stuck. In her reality, she wore tee-shirts and jeans, but the advantage of a digital life is that corsets aren't uncomfortable when they are virtual.

Radiating Victorian elitism and showing her teeth in a wolfish grin, she smiled happily at the semi transparent crowd, waving coolly at her subjects with all the unrestrained vigor her small frame could muster.


Ryan said...

is this about Christina? seems like it is in a weird way.

Mightysinetheta said...

Its not.

Ryan said...

trouble in paradise? that was a quick reply.

What were you doing on 4/20 reading your blog, you should go have is SC after all.

Mightysinetheta said...

It was almost 11 am, plenty of time left in the day. I get emailed when people leave comments, so I tend to be on the ball with that. :)

Ryan said...

you mean when I leave a comment, your blog doesn't seem to be very popular with them santa cruzites