Tuesday, May 22, 2007

New Phrase

So, based on recent experiences, I move that a new phrase be adopted: .... (that's/like/as/is as/futile as/etc...) getting mercury out of a carpet. This can be used to express how time consuming or futile a given task is. For example, if you were to tell me that you wanted to code an operating system in Java, I could respond with "That's like trying to get mercury out of a carpet." This would indicate that such a task is not to be undertaken. Another example would be cooking with a solar oven on a cloudy day. A good response there would be "It would be faster to get mercury out of a carpet." Using this phrase in regards to actually getting mercury out of a carpet is to be avoided, as it will be readily apparent to the person how much their life sucks; you don't have to rub it in.

In other news:

My head cold gets worse, scientists predict that I will either skip all my obligations tomorrow, or get frustrated that my sociology teacher sucks.

Students fail to speak out against Bill Pool's failure to do his job. I decide that my fellow students are both hypocrites and idiots; if your going to bitch about the Regents making decisions for the student body, it makes sense for you to bitch about Bill Pool making decisions for the student body.

Different mural gets "accidentally" painted over by Merrill Maintenance. Yup....

Restoration story line dead, no new content for it after I get whatever hard copy I have left in the notebook online.

Lucas returns to be one of my housemates, says he will bring a blender. Robert Approves.

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Ryan said...

lucas is coming back?

I have nothing to say.