Tuesday, July 24, 2007

in·for·ma·tive (adj.)

Informative is an adjective applied to things that inform us. What it shouldn't be applied to is Asus's promotional materials for the EeePC 701. I'd like to know what operating systems the EeePC supports, what the hard dive capacity is like, perhaps even how much RAM it has. Thank goodness that Asus set me straight on that count. According to their promotional materials, all I need to know is that its apparently easy to use, moderately attractive people enjoy holding it and biking (but not at the same time), and that elderly actors can act amazed at a blank screen. Wonderful.

That aside, the EeePC looks pretty good. According to mildly more informative sites, it will have 512mb RAM, a SSD, a sporty 7" screen, as well as a built-in web cam and Wifi. All for ~$200, releasing sometime in August. While the specs may not be as high as the Foleo or NanoBook, a $200 price point (assuming it stays that low) is excellent. This would be an excellent class/travel/wearable at this price and power.

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Ryan said...

that was so boring, like watching the paint dry in the dorms that you've painted.