Monday, July 16, 2007


Ramen is delicious, unless of course you eat it in the manner its creators intended. It is a sandwich sized block of extruded starch noodles, essentially a massive cracker. So, toss out that flavor packet (thats where most of the sodium comes from, so immediately you've improved the nutritional content of the meal), split the block of noodles along the seam and toss your favorite ingredients in, sandwich style. So far peanut butter, hot dogs and cheese all go well on ramen. I think essentially any sandwich could be built on ramen, and anything the goes well with crackers would work too. So, why is this superior to bread, the defacto choice for sandwiches? Well, the short answer is, it isn't. It lacks the nutritional benefits of a good wholewheat, the taste of sourdough or the texture of French bread. But what it does have going for it is price and convenience. I got all my ramen free, thanks to the spring move out. And unlike bread, ramen doesn't mold, preventing the significant losses that bread mold incurred me last year. Don't expect a great culinary experience when using ramen, but its texture can be fun, and it does have its economic benefits. You can also add ramen to a can of soup to add more bulk to it, but don't use the flavor packet, ever. The flavor packet is a tiny dose of salty death, and tastes like crap. But you can do anything you want with the noodles.
Robert Alverson


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Ryan said...

so unbelievably stereotypical asian nerd, with the robby twist; peanut butter.

the noodles aren't bad and yes the flavor packet is death. im not a huge ramen fan, but when i do eat it i figure, might as well sprinkle on some death.