Friday, July 13, 2007

Summer Projects

Ah, the most joyous part of summer: free time. I had a lot of very clever ideas about what I should do with my free time this summer, most of which were elaborate, micro controller based, or just plain crazy. Admittedly, the best projects are those that involve some level of absurdity and originality; the virgin Mary toaster, the knock based keyless-entry system, and the LED disco dance floor are notable contributions to this field. I am currently gravitating towards some sort of wearable useful device. The other day I very proudly designed a cheap, portable and wearable clock. Of course, about 5 minutes later I realized I had re-invented the LCD wristwatch... I abandoned that plan and stumbled across this gem in my Feed: " Alarming ring." I realized this was both brilliant, and a terribly limited device. I think it would be awesome to implement this as a wristband that can pulse you messages in Morse code. Add a Bluetooth or other wireless link so that it can update on the fly from Google Calender or whatever. I think the main limitation here would be battery life, as a wristband sized package does not leave much space for a high capacity battery, and it would defeat the purpose of the device to have to take it off at night to charge it. Charging via induction using a coil mounted in a home or office desk would likely be best solution in terms of usability.

In a related area, making a PipBoy 2000 would be awesome. If i ever have an entirely free summer and several thousand dollars for a project, I think that it would be totally worth it. I mean, who wouldn't love a 50's futuristic wearable/hand held computer?
Robert Alverson


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Ryan said...

haha, robby and his inventing.
like eric segal once said, "I'm Robert and I make things that don't work!" "Science!"

good luck with that. I'm making a bamboo bow and arrow or wind chimes i think.