Monday, August 20, 2007


So, in the "I'm insane" thread of conversation, I'm making my own Camelbak Unbottle. I bought a bladder, slapped together a pouch for it, and am trying to get it to stay reasonably attached in my backpack. Hopefully this will work well, because if the Velcro attachment system fails I'm going to have to come up with something clever fast. Odds are it would simply involve a lot more Velcro, and a bit of swearing. The Instructable.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

I am Awesome

...and totally batshit insane. I've now been broken up with 2 possibly 3 times, only one of which was actually pertinent to a relationship. And the crippling depression that should be setting in right about now isn't. Which is hilariously awesome, and either points to how incredibly well adjusted I am, or the fact that my emotions are in a state of neglect. I'm sure the later is far more true than the former, but I think it might also be tied to the realization that the parts I like best about Kristina are just as accessible to me in friendship as they are in a relationship. I can still tap her crafting talent, argue with her about random issues, use her mind as a springboard for getting new clever ideas (and improve on her new clever ideas), and hang out with her. So yeah. I'm crazy, and awesome, and I am seriously loving every minute of it. This year is going to rock. I can feel it. And no, this isn't sarcasm. I'd dead serious. It will rock, thats my prediction. Anyone up for longboarding? I'll still teach you if you want Dina.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Weekend Adventure

I had forgotten that big cities could be fun; thankfully last weekend proved my assumption to be incorrect. I started the day at 5am, biked down to the 17 and rode it into San Jose. I am, of course, an idiot and decided to ride my bike the eight miles into Sunnyvale on an empty stomach at seven in the morning. Unsurprisingly, there was no traffic the entire way there, which was awesome, so I made excellent time, and appeared on Kristina's doorstep at seven thirty, about thirty minutes before I expected to. I laid in the driveway until Kristina came out and found me, got me breakfast and some aspirin. We began the epic public transit journey at eleven: hopped on Caltrain, got off at Millbrae, got on to Bart, and somehow wound up at the Civic Center stop in SF. The trip is kinda a blur, I was eating and trying to learn how to crochet for most of it. We wandered around the lawn in front of City Hall for a bit, enjoying the sun and looking at the flags. Eventually we wandered down to the craft meet, where we made some delicious cupcakes. Kristina went with a nautical theme, but I felt compelled to revisit the classic Pac-Man motif for mine. Utilization of the yellow jimmies was key in both cupcakes, which required much deft spoon-work to separate them from their numerous brethren in the bowl. Kristina also had a good showing at the earring station, completing the first pair of earrings for the day. Sadly, I neglected to get a picture of them, distracted by the hubbub surrounding the crafting table (many people were looking for chairs, I'm not entirely sure why). Having seen them however, believe me when I say the looked pretty awesome. That might just be my self-indulgence (I picked out the butterflies that matched her shirt) but I think for dangle-ly earrings they looked pretty sharp. After crafting we wandered north, at which point I spotted what we later learned was St Mary's Cathedral. Due to its size, and being on a hill we assumed that it was much closer that it actually was. It was still a not very long walk, but was a good walk, punctuated by several interesting buildings, a few tiny bookstores with eclectic selections, and weird people. When we finally got to the church the first thing that hit us was its size. The thing is Xbox huge is the metaphorical sense, a vertiable behemoth, a marbled monolith. The footprint of the main building is square, with a large cross rising through the horizontal plane, which is the most visible part. The superstructure of the building is reminiscent of a minimal area surface, which makes me happy. Overall, Kristina put it best when she said "This building just says 'I'm right'." As far as imposing religious icons go, this one is pretty high up there for me. This portion of the walk became a brief tour of all the churches in the area (according to Google maps we saw 3/3 churches on our path, and actively wandered on 2/3) as we spotted both St Mark's Lutheran Church as well as the Unitarian Universalist Church. At this point we adjourned to some convent sunny benches to warm up as the day was a tad brisk, and both of us had neglected to bring suitable clothing. We talked, and I told the belfry joke, as told to me by my high school biology teacher. The walk and ride back t Sunnyvale was uneventful, we chatted and were mildly exhausted. When we got back to Sunnyvale we went to Chipotle, and ran into Jen and Aaron. That was a bizarre coincidence.
All in all it was an excellent trip. SF was nice, the weather was good as was the company. 5 out of 5, would buy from again. Trip Pictures

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Yeah, thats right, I am on time.

I have multiply redundant scheduling. I am almost never late because of this, which I think I pretty damn awesome. Almost any given component in any segment of my trip could fail and I can still make it there on time. Bike breaks on the way, good thing I planned it so I could walk there in time too. Bus is late? Good thing I didn't schedule a tight transfer, I can still make it. On almost any given trip the only way I'll be inadvertently late is if I get physically incapacitated. There is no better indicator of not having one's life together than lateness. Its easy to be on time. Just do it.