Saturday, August 18, 2007

I am Awesome

...and totally batshit insane. I've now been broken up with 2 possibly 3 times, only one of which was actually pertinent to a relationship. And the crippling depression that should be setting in right about now isn't. Which is hilariously awesome, and either points to how incredibly well adjusted I am, or the fact that my emotions are in a state of neglect. I'm sure the later is far more true than the former, but I think it might also be tied to the realization that the parts I like best about Kristina are just as accessible to me in friendship as they are in a relationship. I can still tap her crafting talent, argue with her about random issues, use her mind as a springboard for getting new clever ideas (and improve on her new clever ideas), and hang out with her. So yeah. I'm crazy, and awesome, and I am seriously loving every minute of it. This year is going to rock. I can feel it. And no, this isn't sarcasm. I'd dead serious. It will rock, thats my prediction. Anyone up for longboarding? I'll still teach you if you want Dina.

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