Sunday, September 30, 2007

An Exciting Night...

...In more ways than one. Last night I decided to wander up to campus, lured by the prospect of free home-cooked food, and the PBS Saturday Night movies. These come as a pair of older movies, generally classics. The first movie last night was "High Society." Hailing from 1956, it features Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, the beautiful Grace Kelly as well as the musical talents of Louis Armstrong. This musical about the second marriage of a high society woman is strongest in the musical and acting departments, as it uses its star power well. The plot is good, although somewhat predictable. Overall, I feel it was a pretty solid movie.
The second film was "Royal Wedding", a classic from 1951. Overall, its not a great film. It does however have Fred Astaire and Jane Powell, and is well known for the scene where Astaire dances across the walls and ceiling of his hotel room. This remarkable bit of cinematography was achieved by rotating the entire room and keeping the camera in a fixed frame of reference relative to the room. That scene, is by far the most impressive part of the film, followed closely Jane Powell, who was absolutely adorable throughout the movie. Astaire also performed well, essentially playing himself, as the movie is loosely autobiographical.
While I was enjoying a night at the movies, an argument broke out across the street from my house, eventually culminating in the non-fatal shooting of a mother and son. According my house mates the police showed up and cordoned off the street for awhile; they watched the proceedings from the living room while playing Wii bowling. Kimberly is truly living the life of the college grad; I came home at one and sometime after that she appeared in the living room lappying it up in a bathrobe. I can't wait until I can live in a similarly decadent fashion, I haven't gotten to sleep in till noon in over a week. But Kimberly is cool, and pays rent, so she can do whatever she wants. (and she has a diploma, which makes her about 100x cooler than everyone else in the house)
The new job is cool, its nice essentially working by myself after the hell that was the summer.As long as I can get a few more shifts next quarter, it should stay my primary source of income. I think I will need to get computer glasses at some point soon though, I'm spending truly epic amounts of time at computers now, and my eyesight is not quite what it used to be.

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