Friday, October 19, 2007


I really enjoy the system of evaluations here at UCSC, and like to think I use it to its fullest potential.  In looking back through my evals, I noted one in particular, " Robert's lab performance was average, and his final exam score was average.  Overall, Robert's performance was average." Oddly enough, thats what I thought about them too (Chem 1C lab).  My evals got better once my classes became more interesting, but there is always a re-occurring theme of not participating enough in sections.  I'm terribly surprised at this, since I'm an extraordinarily outgoing person who loves to be around people all the time and is so talkative.  Yup.  Very surprised.   There is also a consistent theme of writing well, or at the very least well enough for it to be noted in my evals.  It always kinda throws me when teachers don't dismiss my writing, since I feel that its not my strong suit.  Reading is my strong suit, creating connections and ideas are strong suits but not writing.  Writing ranks barely above math in on the list of "things I think I do well."  Perhaps it would be a good time to move it up near "eating massive amounts of pasta" or "conceptualizing abstracts visually."

Robert Alverson


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