Thursday, October 4, 2007


I am starting to feel the beginning of the end for my fling with Facebook.  It was fun while it lasted, with the joining silly groups, posting on walls and friend-ing people, but overall the fun and pop just isn't there any more.  The groups are not generally active in any regard other than really inane posts, and don't further the user experience.  Most of the groups I'm in have not had new topics since last year; which is a shame since some of them were quite interesting.  It seems to me that a large part of Facebook is using it as a platform to wave at the world and say, "Look! Here I am!"  This is all well and good as many people enjoy that, and admittedly I do too (Why else would I have a blog?).  However, with the increased popularity, scads of widgets that seem to not serve any purpose, and declining utility of Facebook, I think that now is the time to put my social chips into maintaining and expanding my Google presence rather than my Facebook one.  So for further updates in the life of Robert, as few and far between as those are, stay tuned to this channel.  As a side note, I've managed to carve out a niche in the web for myself: searching "Robert Alverson UCSC" gets me as the first few hits, and "mightysinetheta" is of course all me.  "Robert Alverson" without the "UCSC" gives me roughly the 22nd hit, much improved over the 100th+ last year.
Robert Alverson


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