Monday, October 8, 2007

Oh, the Humanity!

Through careful research and study I have determined that life has to be the most hilarious joke ever (rivaled only by "Supercollider? I hardly know her...").  How can you not look back at where humanity has come from and laugh.  Look at our previous views and philosophies, those can be downright absurd.  But the overview isn't even the best part.  Looking at your life what parts do you find funny?  What parts really sucked, but are now your best hilarious anecdotes? Life has a way of coming full circle in that manner: the ex-girlfriend that ripped your soul out is a fun way to relate to other guys, the time you missed your 300 miles, and the one time with the thing at the place.  Hilarity ensued, you just didn't realize it at the time.  We need to realize that when our lives are at the most absurd, shit is hitting the fan and nothing makes any sense whatsoever, those are the parts you're going to talk about years later.  The ups you'll look back at fondly, but the downs are the funny stories you will repeat until everyone knows it by heart.  Which isn't to say that the hilariously awesome parts of your life don't make good anecdotes.  Obviously they do, but you already knew that.  But you weren't laughing when you chopped your arm off, and you should have been.  Can you believe what an awesome story that will be?  You could sell that story for money, call it "Cautionary Tales of Forklifts."

Robert Alverson


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