Monday, December 3, 2007

Almost Worth It

Given that I will have crippling sleep problems later in life, the thing that makes staying up until dawn worth it is the sunrise. That, and the fact that my fingers start feeling weird and my perception of time distorts radically. We had some really cool clouds the other morning; I snapped this one from my skylight. There are more at my Flickr, but I really liked this one. I really need to go and title my Flickr photos, but given that so many of them are similar, I really can't get enthused about it. Using a date based system would be good, but that data is already there. If anyone has a good naming scheme I'd be glad to hear about it. Until then, the master counter numbers are good enough. Its pretty neat that in the 11 months I've had this camera, I've taken over 1265 photos. Thats more than 100 pictures a month. Digital cameras are an excellent investment, thats roughly 1300 photos for less than $250. Good Times.

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