Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My Pretentious Bookcase

My bookcase has become extraordinary pretentious of late. I blame it mostly on taking European Intellectual History, which required most of the classic authors from the Victorian era on. It used to be mostly fiction, and good ole scifi/fantasy fiction at that. Now I have a significant number of history books, and even some intellectuals and notable playwrights. Such are the trials of the history student. I keep selling these things, but they keep appearing. But now I have a mostly full bookcase, which makes me happy. Any book that I have I have read, unless it was for a class (most of those have used stickers on them). Any author I have more than one book of I enjoy and would recommend, more than 3 I think they are super cool, 7 is an addiction and 12 or more indicates they are A. a series author, and B. I really like them. Here is the breakdown, by number of books per author. (for those of you keeping track at home, I've read all of these, and at least one is lent out right now.)

Anne McCaffrey: 18
Simon R. Green: 12
Neal Stephenson: 7
Arthur C. Clark: 3
Robert Ballard: 3
Ayn Rand: 3


Books about the Titanic: 4
Pure Reference: 9
Number of authors that I have only one book of but would like to have more: 5
Total Books: 132

Total Books (digital):75
That I've Read Entirely (digital):18

The adoption of digital media has really cut my costs in the book department, and makes trying random new authors easier. If you can hack sitting and reading off an LCD I recommend it; your eyes will bleed, but you will save a good deal of money. But paper books are much easier to use and read: used bookstores and bargain bins are your friends. My book for this week is*: Bookleggers amd Smuthounds: The Trade in Erotica 1920-1940 by Jay A. Gertzman. 1900's to the 1950's is my favorite period in U.S. history, so this book fits comfortably within that range, and is actually pretty interesting. Also was found in the campus bookstore bargain bin for cheap. If you enjoy history, you might like this book. If not, it will not be high on your list.

*Like Oprah's "Book of the Month" nonsense, except with a better time frame, no following, entourage, or literary analysis. Also, I don't read things I think you'll like/will change your life.

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