Thursday, December 6, 2007

Thats the last of them

Finished a 14 page paper in under twelve hours, including doing all the research. Why would I do such a thing? Monday a 6 page paper was due, Tuesday two 2-3 page papers were due, which left Wednesday to do the 12 pager due Thursday. So, I'm now both tired, frustrated, and happy. The paper ordeal is finally over, but i still have one more 7 page paper and two finals. The week before was no cake walk either, but most of that was my own fault; I was doing research for my own papers.

The 12 page really disappoints me. Even though I went a page or two over, I still didn't address everything I wanted to. In addition being dog tired made it slightly less cohesive than I'd prefer. It just gets to me, that I could write a much more thorough paper if I had more time and pages. Last year this bothered me when I did the same assignment on a different book, and it gets to me more this year because I should have learned from last year. Oh well. Assuming I don't fail hardcore, I'll be in a different class with the same teacher next quarter, odds are the term paper will be the same assignment. Perhaps I will finally do it right, and get a good tight paper that just drills into the subject without being too broad or too specific.

In other news, I plan on being a terrible person over the holiday, and avoid taking a break. I have so many prospective papers that I need to get written, I want to research the current craft movement, traditional building techniques, re-write my economics paper from 150B and post it here, revisit the Egyptian economy with sources this time, write on steampunk. I also want to get back into shape, and whack my technology into some semblance of functionality. If only I could make a career out of investigating random things in the current era and history I'd be set, and I could leave this school thing. If anyone has an opening for a freelance smart guy, let me know.

The picture is of my desk while I was writing the term paper last year. It wasn't so bad this year.
Robert Alverson


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