Wednesday, March 5, 2008

"I am Legend" Alternate Ending

The alternate ending for last December's sci-fi thriller, "I am Legend" was leaked online today. Based off the 1954 novel of the same title by Richard Matheson, the movie initially drew criticism for its departure from the book's message. Rather than addressing the conflict between the protagonist Robert Neville and the infected as a cultural divide, the movie handled it as a predator/prey relationship. There were hints of the infected developing their own society, and of having intelligence equivalent to humans in the movie, however this theme was very underdeveloped compared to the book. This omission changed the entire meaning of the story. Neville's realization in the book is that he had be become a legend in the culture of the infected, their equivalent of the bogyman; in the movie he is a legend among humans for finding the cure for the infection. Personally, I found this to be the largest disappointment in the movie. However, the leaked ending ties the hints at intelligence and society given earlier in the movie into the ending, bringing the story closer to the original. Now, for your viewing enjoyment, the alternate ending.

Robert Alverson


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