Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Comcast, and the Great Internet Shortage of '08

I suppose it's more of a lean season than a traditional internet shortage, as we still have a connection.  It's at the very least a bit faster than when the campus network bought it in the Internet Shortage of 06.  That was twelve hours of no internet, which left us confused and frustrated, forced to leave our rooms in search of entertainment.  On the upside, it lasted only twelve hours.  For a month now, we've been experiencing terrible packet loss in the house, generally over 25%.  This makes the connection painfully slow.  Comcast was routing us through New York for a time which added a few hundred milliseconds to the time required to access any server on the West Coast. 

I called Comcast to see what the deal was.  They say that its a problem with the backbone, and that they just don't know when it will be fixed.  We will get a credit for any downtime when they finally fix the problem, but it don't think we will actually ever see any money.  I think they will say that the network was never down entirely, and that the EULA I signed doesn't guarantee that I will actually get all of the bandwidth I paid for.

I'd switch, but there aren't any comparable services in Santa Cruz.  Although, a guaranteed 3mbit connection would likely be faster than the hypothetical "8mbit" connection that I have now.  I'm just waiting for fiber to get here...I had it back in Sac, and it was the most wonderful connection I've ever used.

So, if anyone has a rockin' connection in Santa Cruz, let me know.  I'm sick of Comcast.

Robert Alverson


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