Wednesday, May 28, 2008

More Frivolous Purchases.

I went to Logos again over the weekend: I swear that place will be my
ruin. While browsing the small-but-eclectic maritime section of the
bookstore, I came upon a book that is right up my alley.

"Extra: Titanic" by Eric Caren is a compilation of pieces that ran on
the Titanic in 1912. I really like that it includes the entire
printed page rather than just extracting the stories explicitly about
the Titanic. This makes it a neat little slice of from the era, and
provides a more general background. Sadly, it is an oversize book at
15" tall, and as such dosn't quite fit in any of my bookcases. But it
is a fun and informative read, and well worth the $5 I paid for it.

This adds to my collection of books on the Titanic, which was already
reaching an unfortunate size (or a fortunate size, depending on how
you look at it). The "Books on the Titanic" section is now edging out
Ayn rand and Arthur C. Clark and making tracks for Neal Stephenson.
It is also interesting to note that what these books lack in page
length, the more than make up for in being huge. Like the ship
itself, books on the Titanic tend to have unwieldy dimensions.
Robert Alverson


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