Thursday, June 19, 2008

Another Book

Today I read Charles Stross's Glasshouse. I had previously read Accelerando, which is available online, and felt that it was an excellent work. Glasshouse is certainly on par, and the pair (they are both stand alone stories) really make me want to snag the rest of his work.

Glasshouse is a post-Singularity novel, set in a future radically different from our current conception. The mastery of space, captive wormhole technology (essentially teleporation), and nano-assembly have allowed humans to expand wildly, assume new shapes, and produce backups of themselves.

Robin is fresh out of a memory wipe on a planet he can't remember being on before, and someone is trying to kill him. After foiling a series of increasingly dramatic assassination attempts, he signs up for an extended experiment to avoid his pursuers. He will be living in the dark ages of humanity (1950-2040) with a group of similarly mind wiped volunteers attempting to recreate the social structure of the time. As the experiment progresses she realizes there is more at stake than just keeping up appearances.

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