Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Abandoned Buildings

I have a bit of a thing for abandoned buildings.  I feel that its a good practical knowledge interest, because A. There are a fair number of them about, and B. it's useful to know how fast buildings deteriorate.  (They also play into my "what-went-wrong?" hobby.)

I got this article on "16 Abandoned & Decaying Hotels" in my feed and was particularly struck by the Aptera Beach Resort.  There is little information available online about its demise, but this blog post suggests that the damage is due to being partially demolished at some point.  It's rather interesting, as generally you don't have partially demolished buildings, as it costs money to demolish a building.  By the time that a person or company is ready to abandon a property, it is generally because they don't have the money to develop or maintain it.

I think it's pretty neat that the rebar is still tying the chunks of concrete together; a rough demonstration of how composite materials work at a macroscopic level.

Robert Alverson


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