Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I've been trawling Craigslist for the past few weeks looking for a new bike. My current one is rapidly approaching a state where riding it becomes a liability on par with playing handball in the street. Currently the most functional parts of it are the wheels and the pedals, those being the parts that I've replaced from stock. (Although, the front tire is a 26x2.5, which is wide as all creation, and doesn't fit in the bus bike racks very well. The back is 26x1.5-2, so my bike looks a little dumb.) The cassette worries me, as it seems to be off-center, the front derailer blows something fierce, and almost everything attached to the handlebars is lose, as are the handlebars themselves (makes the handling a little sloppy). Scary, eh?

The damnedest thing about it is that I still love riding my bike, at least on the infrequent occasions that I can muster up the courage to do so. I can still bounce over to the bus stop in a matter of minutes, still bomb hills, and have a pretty ok cruising speed. So I've decided that I really do want a new bike, preferably not a terrible generic mtn bike, and preferably something suited to the riding I actually do, which is generally road riding.

Right now, building up my own new bike seems to be a reasonable option. I'll be able to keep my existing pedals, wheels, and seat. The rest of the bike is pretty trashed, and I dislike the frame as it's a little short for my gangly frame. I essentially need a new group and frame.

Baring that, the quick way to go is ordering a new bike. After doing some extensive comparison shopping in bike in my price range, I have a list of possibilities.
I like this one the most overall, might replace stem and seatpost with solid components.
Toss some 1.5-2 slicks on it and it would be pretty fun. Shock for when I do dumb things.
Cheap as can be, and not a totally terrible bike.
No reviews? Nice lines, seems reasonable. The SU 2.0 is also an option, good reviews.

This thing just looks sick. Way out of the price range, but, lordy.
This one is in the price range. Sadly, I feel that SC is a little too hilly for a SS.

Also need a new helmet. But thats the comparatively easy part.

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