Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Dark Knight

I enjoyed "Batman Begins" a great deal when it came out, and was impressed by what it brought to a franchise littered with horribly campy takes.  As such, I had high expectations for the sequel, but as the hype built up I became worried that the movie would fail to deliver on the expectations. Clearly I was in error, as The Dark Knight does not disappoint.

Like Batman Begins, The Dark Knight is in fact, dark.  It is a poignant tragedy, brilliantly acted, and downright awesome.  As many have said, Heath Ledger's performance is incredibly disturbing, and in many ways the Joker outperforms Batman in this film.  The pacing is fast, and I think it could have been taken down a notch to allow for some lulls in intensity.  The action sequences are actiony, the drama is dramatic, and between the two there isn't much time to catch your breath.  Overall it was an excellent and enjoyable film, and I highly recommend it.
Robert Alverson


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