Sunday, September 7, 2008

Food Diary: Day 6

For 09/06/08: Woke up around 7am, first meal at 11 am. 6" Italian sausage sub from Subway, everything on it, and some potato chips. Dinner around 6pm, 2x beef fajitas with onions and red/green bell peppers, helped prepare them, they were excellent. Also had a few handfuls of tortilla chips with southwestern style salsa. 1.5 margaritas, and a slice of cake were also consumed during the course of the evening. Went to bed around 1 am.

No biking or push ups, helped Kristina move instead. Also walked around a bit, and swam. Very out of shape swimming-wise, will have to work on that as well. Slight sunburn. As usual, not unpleasant, I just look pinkish.

Sleep was extraordinarily meh.

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Kristina said...

MMMMmmmmm delicious fajitas and margaritas... Thanks for helping me move!