Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Food Diary: Defunct

After the not terribly startling relation that my diet was terrible, and my exercise routine a joke, I stopped posting my shame publicly. Or at least that's what it looks like. Actually, I'm no longer getting paid to sit in empty labs for three hours, and consequently my available time to post here has been greatly diminished. However, I do enjoy work quite a bit more now.

In other news, I managed to reference Jane Austin in an unrelated history discussion today. I find that terribly exciting, which you can take as a good indicator of the despondency which has wracked my days. I shall post here again, if I live. (gah.)

In other news, I am thinking about getting some funding from Crown, or the Arts department at UCSC to build a large sound installation on the cliffs by Bonny Dune or Davenport. I'll post the outline of it once I get the details worked out a bit more.

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