Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Want My Time Back (pt. 1)

Part One of a series that will continue as long as people are dumb.


The device or person in question has to fill all these requirements to be considered a total waste of my time.

1. Posted on at least 3 blogs in my feed.
2. Adds nothing to humanity in terms of knowledge or culture.
3. Does nothing even remotely useful.
Bonus Points: Excessive or inappropriate use of technology.

The first "winner" is the "Butt-Crack Detector."

This device lets you know if your crack is showing by measuring the light hitting a photo resistor.  It then vibrates to let you know of your unfortunate state, so that you can then pull your pants up.  First, buy clothes that fit. Second, wear a belt. Problem solved.  This device is particularly egregious in that it uses a microcontroller to run the whole mess, when all you really need is a transistor.  BEAM robots have been doing this for years; all they had to do was stuff one down their pants and that'd have been that.  Intelligent clothing my ass.  Wake me up when we have intelligent people.

Also, I'm not linking to these things.  If you really want to see it you can google it.  But I'm warning you: you'll want your time back.


solipsistnation said...

but it's like totally an arduino project and that makes it cool! yeah!

Mightysinetheta said...

I love the Lilly Pad, but dumb implementations are dumb. This is a better use of an arduino and clothing: The Speed Vest!