Monday, October 27, 2008

On Riding a Bike in Santa Cruz

Hi Bicyclists,

Please, PLEASE, take the lane.  I know it's scary, and then you want to worry about the cars backing up behind you.  But if there is no shoulder then you should be in the lane, not hugging the curb.  Curbs are death. (The assumption here is: if you aren't willing to ride in traffic, you likely aren't comfortable doing a lateral hop up a curb at speed.)  

I've personally seen several people eat it coming down the hill from the Health Center because they were over in the gutter: The pavement there is terrible, and unless you are adept at handling a bike, it can (and often will) throw you.  Today I saw the aftermath of two accidents involving bicyclists within an hour and ten minutes of each other in the same 1/8th mile stretch.  That's not good.

As much as I advocate drivers not killing bicyclists, we need to do our part.  Don't camp the right on trucks. Don't ride the gutter. Use lights (I've almost hit other bikers at night when they weren't wearing lights). Ride on the correct side of the road. Use common sense.  All that good stuff.

Avoid bad pavement, don't get run over: Take the damn lane.



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