Saturday, October 25, 2008

Twitter, Bloging, and Reader

My blogging rate has been impacted twice in the last two months: First, I started class, which is always a time sink, and I started using Twitter. Twitter is a good thing, in that it allows me to whip out the short posts, comments and status updates that I don't like putting in the blog itself. However, Twittering does relieve the desire to blog, and so I'm not blogging as often as I should.

I'm very tempted to turn my blog into an expanded version of the shared items from my feed. According to Google, "From your 90 subscriptions, over the last 30 days you read 6,708 items, starred 19 items, shared 135 items, and emailed 3 items." (Yeah, I do have a burning information dependency.) Even if I only add commentary to one shared item a day, Id still have a much healthier blog, and I'd feel better about it than adding notes in reader. It'd integrate well into my current reader use, which is the most critical aspect.

In other news: School, work. Yup. Looking into this whole Bike Coop thing.

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