Monday, December 22, 2008

Wonders of the Modern Age

This is why the internet is sweet.

Sunday, the BBC posted an article about a pakistani girl band, Zeb and Haniya.  I read the article in Google Reader, was intrigued, and almost instantly found a video of them, their wikipedia entry, homepage, and of course, a bootleg copy of their debut album, "Chup!" 

20 years ago, the odds of my even hearing about this band would be so remote as to make them nonexistant to me. Even 10 years ago the same would have held true.  But now, the web really is quite excellent.  And most people just use it to look at cute pictures of cats.  Or porn.  DEAR GOD people, this is so incredible. I don't know how I (let alone the rest of the population) wake up everyday without being absolutely gobsmacked at the how wickedly awesome this is.

I wonder how many years it took for fire to get old.  I bet it wasn't 10-20.  Hell, people still get excited about fire.

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