Monday, February 16, 2009

A Day at the Races

The Tour of California came to town today, managing to slip in during a break in the rain. The Bike Coop and I watched the race on the downhill leg into Santa Cruz. They had found a spot on a descending corner, giving a clear view of about a half mile stretch. I arrived late (that is to say, not with the rest of the crew) and quite overshot the corner. I was going about 30 mph into the corner, which was pretty hairy given the radius of the turn, that it was descending, and that it had been raining.

It rained only briefly while we were out there, and we stayed up there until all the riders had passed. At that point there was a little over a 20 minute gap between the leader and the last man. We trailed the race down into town, taking advantage of the street closures. (Being able to legally run red lights and have a heard of riders take up two lanes is very excellent.) All of downtown was shutdown, pedestrians and bikes having a field day on Pacific. Downtown would be much improved it were closed to cars.

All in all it was a pretty good day, seeing a race, punting around the course, as well as getting a good road run and a wet & messy uphill fire road climb in. I've posted the pictures I took to my Flickr, but I wouldn't consider them to be stellar.

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