Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Shipping Containers

There is a fad in some circles right now to be "green."  Intrinsically this is a good idea, but some people go about it all the wrong way.  Shipping container houses are a great example of a failed attempt to be green. 

First, shipping containers aren't really cheap.  They are a huge chunk of steel, so even as sold for scrap they are pretty valuable.  Second, it's a huge chunk of steel.  And you're going to make a house out of it, thus removing it from any other use until the house is torn down.  Steel isn't exactly a renewable resource, I'd rather see it used repeatedly, and instead use a renewable material for houses (Perhaps wood? *gasp*).  Third, it's a poor excuse for being damn lazy. If you want a prefab house module, design one. Don't take something optimized for it's job, and make it something it isn't.

Also, does anyone else see a terrible irony in a consumer society packing themselves into a bunch of shipping containers?  Seriously.

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