Friday, April 3, 2009

Wooo, Tandem

Kristina bought a tandem, used, which is ok because I happen to be affiliated with the excellent UCSC bike coop.  Turns out that's a really good thing, because in the less than a week that it's been in our lives, I've done more hours of work on it than I've slept.  A tandem is so totally worth it though.

Tuesday I spent a solid 12 hours in the bike coop.  A shifter was replaced, (it broke on the ride in) the headset removed, repacked, reinstalled, removed, replaced, removed, crown race removed, a crack in the fork found, fork replaced, new headset, new disk brake, a wheel built up, and everything put back together for the ride home. At 4am.

Kristina did a pretty nice job building up the wheel, which was impressive given that it was her first wheel.  We'll see how well it holds the true over the next while. I'll elaborate on the epic-ness that was that night of repairs, in particular the headset.  It's a random french tandem size, and people really don't make headsets for it anymore.

This is also serving as a test for the brake and fork for my cross bike (which is what those parts were originally bought for).  I figure if it can take Kristina and I pounding all over town on an heavy steel frame, then it should cope just fine with me.

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