Sunday, June 7, 2009

Butchering a Brooks saddle

I was perusing QBP and noticed the Brooks Imperial, which is the B-17 with lacing holes and an anatomical cut out. I'd been experiencing some discomfort with my B-17, and consequently lowered the nose, which has solved the problem. Of course I now have more weight on my wrists, which is not beneficial. The B-17 was designed for setups that are bar-seat level, which being too tall for my own good, is practically impossible on my bike, particularly when I'm in the drops. Since the only apparent differences between the B-17 standard and the B-17 Imperial is the number of holes, I think I'm going to go whack a few new ones into my saddle and see how that goes. Hopefully I won't destroy a nice saddle in the process....

(Brooks helpfully has images of the Imperial from directly above, making determining the dimensions of the cut out a simple exercise in geometry.)

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